Jagat Bhari Indian Street Magic | Suyash Marathe | Casting Couch Live | #bhadipa

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 4 फेबृवारी, 2020
This Marathi street magician blows people's minds with his awesome card tricks. Come watch Amey and Nipun create magic on stage in Casting Couch Live. Ticket links in comments. Subscribe to BhaDiPa to get alerts on our new videos! शास्त्र असते ते ! #CCWAN #MagicTricks
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Magic Performed by: Suyash Marathe
Shot By: Abhay Raut & Karan Sonawane
Edited By: Anuja Bhandare
Creatives: Prajakta Newalkar
Social Media: Neel Salekar, Pooja Parab, Karan Sonawane, Aniket Jadhav


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    • Awesome ahe 💕💕mi pahila ahe he

  • हा काल काळा घोडा फेस्टिव्हल मध्ये जादू दाखवत होता

  • jadoo reveal karnar ahet ka

  • Kadak😎

  • Tricks bhari hote No offense but Hindustani Bhau cha dialogue athavla 😂

  • Be inventive more to please us

  • I'm expecting more from you bhadipa. Don't give these street magic bullsshit. We have seen it lot.

  • Mast

  • Mazya channel la bhet dya

  • Lai bhariw

  • Mitraa 😉✌✌

  • Ultimate guys khup mast vatla bhau aaj Cha video

  • 1.30 Gandhali jadhav .. laughing like a man😆😆 kadak👌😘

  • हे मॅजिक जर जगात भारी असेल तर डायनामो जीव देईल

  • ठाण्यात ही पाठवा की, जादुगार साहेबांना, ‘जादू वजा तिकिटवाटप’ करायला....

  • This is real good quality sleight of hand.. I wish you all the best! There are so many good magicians around the world, some also performed in AGT. I wish you become very successful one day brother!

  • There is a lot of difference between magic and tricks.

  • Super...... Magic mast kela Mitra Totally fluent..

  • Would like to work for you😊

  • जगात भारी Magic @Suyash 🎉

    • Waa Suyash Mast !!

  • जादूगार .... खूप मस्त ...!!!

  • His favorite movie must be The Prestige

  • Thank you BhaDiPa for making me and my sister famous 😂👌 it's us with the surprised faces in the thumbnail!

  • It's the thumbnail girl here!!!!

  • You guys started out with amazing videos. . Full entertainment. . That's why I had subscribed to your channel. . Over the time, ive noticed almost every video on this channel has got converted into a promotional video or an advertisement so to say. . Keep up the good work. . . Whish you all even better success in future. . Im unsubscribing as maybe I am feeling these videos are not to my taste anymore..

  • Ek number 😘

  • सुयश भावा जिंकलस,केसी कॉलेज च आयकॉन

  • Double lift

  • Jagat BHARI... Bhadipa I'm soooooooo obsessed with your videos that even my What'sapp status is "Jagat BHARI "

    • Wow Shraddha. Thank you for appreciating.max prem from Bhadipa.❤️❤️❤️

  • 1:18 mi baghital

  • 0.57 those are my sisters! They're also in the thumbnail 😁😁👏🏼

  • Thank you BhaDiPa for making my weird laugh famous!😂😂😂😂 PS- I'm the girl with weird face in the thumbnail. The magic was really good and that's my genuine reaction 😂🙈❤

    • Genuine reactions are the best ones.

    • Hahahaha. Thank you Surabhi for commenting. It was pleasure to have you at the show.🙂❤️

  • ऑलराऊंडर भडिपा

    • @Bharatiya Digital Party appareciate तो बनता हे बॉस ☺️

    • आभार सौरभ appreciate केल्याबद्दल.😊

  • Pls stop that sub title .it's going irritating in this video

  • Great Cardistry👍

  • Wowww. I hope he gets as many invitations for shows.

  • Mi pahila alooo.....Like toh banta h

  • Hello Bhadipa..video is nice but unable to see because subtitles are coming in between video...

    • Hi Shounak, you can turn off subtitles by clicking on setting and turn off captions.

    • You can shut down the subtitles

  • So exciting.... I loved it

    • @Bharatiya Digital Party thanks I am big fan of bhadipa . I am from Badlapur

    • Thank you Aditi.😊❤️

  • Wow kddk

    • Bharatiya Digital Party आभार तर तुमचे एवढ हसवता आम्हाला आणी मनोंरंजन करता 🙏

    • आभार आदित्य मित्रा.

  • Card control avadla mitra....!!! Sobat street magic karayla avdel malahi :)

    • @Bharatiya Digital Party 🤟🏼😊

    • वाह! आभार मित्रा.😊

  • Jagat Bhari BhaDiPa💓😂

  • Best

  • Big Fan Of Amay 😍😍😍

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