Marathi Manus in Festivals | #bhadipa #Diwali

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 23 सप्टेंबर, 2019
Festive season is upon us and its that time of the year where every Maharashtrian family goes bananas over decorations, sweets, and shopping. But how to fit everything in the budget? Watch this hilarious video and you may get a tip or two to shop pro-style! Subscribe to BhaDiPa to get alerts on our new videos! शास्त्र असते ते !
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Savita Prabhune
Sunil Abhyankar
Indrajeet More
Sayli Patil
Sarang Sathaye
Director - Abhay Raut, Omkar Jadhav
Writer - Aniket Jadhav, Sarang Sathaye
DOP - Aditya Divekar
Assistant DOP - Pranil Sakhare
Sound Recordist - Malay Vadalkar
Production manager - Prajakta Salbarde, Chaitanya S. Deshpande
Editor - Kunal Tiwari
Assistant Editor - Tanwee Paranjpe
Head Spot - Singh Sahab
Spot 1- Vishal Dada
Lights - Shankar Dada
Catering - Rohit Foods
AD - Sagarika Joshi
Subtitles - Adwaita Deshmukh
Social Media Team - Neel Salekar, Aniket Jadhav, Karan Sonawane,Pooja Parab
Creatives - Prajakta Newalkar

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  • यावर्षी सणासुदीला काय 'नवीन' खरेदी करणार आहात? आम्हाला comment मध्ये सांगा.

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    • First SUV ghetali - VW Tiguan

    • Bharatiya Digital Party AC

    • did not like the content

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  • Old team was far better than new one, specially Ani, bring back old team.

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  • Epic

  • jara punjabi kinwa fujrathi manasa war pan ha video kadha na.. ka marathi manasa chi ijjat kadhatai... ghar tari kamit kami chalitale dakhava... te bollywood wale marathi manasa la naukarachi kame detat.. Ani ikde he Bhadipa wale marathi manus kiti bhikar aahe he dakvun wah wah milawatat....

  • Ek number

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  • this is very nice video!! Also team can you please advise if i want to share my own story or script who can i do it ? i have an many idea to improve our #bhadipa jai maharashtra

    • Hey send us your script on Thanks.🙂🤞👍

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  • Please don't support online shopping..... They are just killing local market ..... creating unemployment ....say no to online shopping..... Just go and buy from local shops and create happiness locally..... Think global but buy local.....

  • Acting is so cringe... Try to tone down little bit

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  • Other than to say this team is weaker than the Aai, Jui, Ani, Babbu team (many have already said the same but I understand the need to expand the roster of actors and characters), my biggest objection to this video is that you are promoting people not paying attention to their budgets. Financial discipline is a core value and important for people to learn I wish you had found a different way to showcase the Amazon India festival than encouraging viewers to ignore their budget and celebrate by buying new things.

  • 6:04 legit dialogue

  • I think Ani, juhi and Aai might have played better than this cast!

  • Now this is a new low.... come on guys, look at what yall are selling now. Fuckin cheap ass sellouts; I expected better but fuck you Sathya

    • @Bharatiya Digital Party am not against it, but then you can be selective with what you are promoting....western style consumerism is bad in itself but encouraging people to get into debt is even worse, if not evil!

    • Hey sorry dude if you've felt extremely disappointed through this video. But through these brand integrations, we earn our bread and butter. We hopw you understand.

  • Why promoting Amazon instead promote local brands and ppl....

    • #nustasponsor

  • अलीकडे जाहिराती पलीकडे काही नसतं या चॅनेल वर। भारतीय जाहिरात पार्टी असं नाव द्यावे चॅनेल ला शोभून दिसेल!!!

    • आमचं पोट जाहिरातींवरच चालतं मित्रा. Sorry थोडी कमी-जास्त चूकभूल झाली असल्यास क्षमा असावी.

  • Is it only in India that ads are used in content? Like this one. ?

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    • A special surprise coming soon with them after Diwali.🙂

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